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Sound On Wheels, Huntsville, Alabama (AL)

Address: 1803 University Drive
Huntsville, Alabama (AL), 35801

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For any business house that calls itself the flagship store of car and audio accessories, it must always be equipped with the most durable products and effective performance giving personnel, especially in the areas of radio installation and installation and fixing of car systems. Nowadays you can find different technological innovations for products such as car stereo and auto audio equipment and others that work on car remotes. Sound On Wheels is one such store which keeps all its customers happy and its dealers content thanks to its amazing trade and marketing skills!

Sound On Wheels is based out of Huntsville but it manages to keep the state of Alabama happy with its eclectic range of products and skilled personnel. Americans have always been sticklers for reasonably priced products and innovation Sound On Wheels is a marquee point for excellence in both aspects!

Eager customers can experience different speakers, boom boxes, etc.

We are serving (cities in Alabama): Madison, Gurley, Woodville, Grant, Decatur, Mooresville

Clarion, CompuStar, Kenwood

Phone: 256-533-9422
WebSite: Sound On Wheels

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